Antique Christmas at the Taft Museum

Remember the holiday decorations at grandma’s house? The old ornaments and holiday decor that filled the house with warmth and cheer? Antique Christmas at the Taft Museum is basically everything you remember from your grandparents’ house — and more! Antique Christmas is the Taft’s annual display of antique ornaments, decorations and toys from ages past. Antique Christmas actually changes from year to year,…

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Simple Success

I get a monthly business magazine called Success. It features people who are driven, creative and leaders in their respective fields. The magazine puts an emphasis into what makes business leaders successful and what is important to them. I have received the magazine for three years now and I’ve noticed a trend. No matter how…

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The Dayton Holiday Festival

The Dayton Holiday Festival is your source for family-friendly holiday fun in downtown Dayton. Started by Mrs. Virginia Kettering 45 years ago so that all children could enjoy the holiday season regardless of their economic means, the Festival continues today with free attractions for the community.   Each year the festival kicks off Thanksgiving weekend…

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