100 Things to Do Outside This Summer at Home


Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of a strange and probably stressful school year!

Now that summer’s arrived, many of us are looking at a season of cancelled activities and scratching our heads trying to come up with ways to fill the time. As some things begin to open again, we certainly hope you can safely enjoy some of the typical summer activities you’ve always loved.

In the meantime, we’ve created a list of 100 things for you to do outside this summer right at home! See how many of these you can check off the list this summer.

100 Things to Do Outside This Summer at Home

  1. Plant a garden.
  2. Have a picnic. Bonus: Use ingredients from your garden!
  3. Fly a kite.
  4. Go camping in the backyard.
  5. Make an obstacle course. Ideas here.
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood.
  7. Give the car a good wash.
  8. Make DIY chalk paint, then decorate the driveway. Instructions here.
  9. Learn how to do a cartwheel.
  10. Build a mud kitchen. Ideas here.
  11. Make and play with your very own water table. Ideas here.
  12. Give the dog a bath with the garden hose.
  13. Collect and paint pet rocks.
  14. Create a DIY water wall. Instructions here.
  15. Set up a back yard tight rope. Instructions here.
  16. Use non-toxic, washable spray paint to make a backyard twister game. Instructions here.
  17. Make DIY bubbles. Instructions here.
  18. Set up an outdoor movie night.
  19. Play backyard bingo.
  20. Go stargazing.
  21. Catch a lightning bug.
  22. Go puddle stomping after a storm.
  23. Play i-spy.
  24. Create a sheet masterpiece. Hang up an old white sheet and let the kids paint.
  25. Enjoy story time outside.
  26. Look for shapes in the clouds. Bonus: Create stories with the shapes you see!
  27. Make a gameboard out of chalk. Ideas here.
  28. Use laundry baskets to play frisbee golf.
  29. Run through the sprinkler.
  30. Do a sack race with pillowcases.
  31. Hug a tree.
  32. Make s’mores.
  33. Make a homemade water blob. Instructions here.
  34. Learn a new outdoor sport.
  35. Make homemade popsicles. Ideas here.
  36. Have a water balloon fight.
  37. Take an outdoor nap (in the shade).
  38. Dance in the rain.
  39. Tie-dye shirts, beach towels, shorts, dresses, sheets – anything! Instructions here.
  40. Have a bonfire.
  41. Ride bikes.
  42. Create a fairy garden. Ideas here.
  43. Collect and identify the plants growing in your yard.
  44. Make a papier-mâché piñata and fill it with treats. Instructions here.
  45. Shadow trace your toys on a sunny day. Instructions here.
  46. Make slime. Instructions here.
  47. Play hopscotch.
  48. Climb a tree.
  49. Build an outdoor fort.
  50. Create a DIY slip and slide with a tarp, water and some dish soap.
  51. Paint kind messages on rocks and leave them around your neighborhood.
  52. Play lawn checkers.
  53. Make ice cream in a bag. Instructions here.
  54. Play hide and seek.
  55. Find a quiet spot outside, close your eyes and meditate for five minutes.
  56. Go for a walk and measure how far things are from your house.
  57. Hula hoop.
  58. Recycle old crayons by melting them in the sun. Instructions here.
  59. Play in a sandbox.
  60. Press leaves and flowers into an old book or scrapbook.
  61. Paint with fruit or flowers. Instructions here.
  62. Play catch with a ball.
  63. Catch and release bugs you find in your yard.
  64. Paint with a (clean!) fly swatter.
  65. Set up two goals and play soccer.
  66. Make a collage from things you find in nature.
  67. Create a toy car wash or bike car wash.
  68. Make pine cone bird feeders and hang them in a tree. Instructions here.
  69. Make leaf rubbings. Instructions here.
  70. Make a daisy or clover crown.
  71. Whittle some sticks.
  72. Make a miniature golf course in your yard.
  73. Have a shaving cream fight.
  74. Learn about the history and significance of totem poles and make your own. Ideas here.
  75. Paint with colorful ice. Instructions here.
  76. Have a water gun fight.
  77. Play tag with a wet sponge.
  78. Design mud sculptures.
  79. Plant a butterfly garden. Tips here.
  80. Play a game of marbles.
  81. Weave with nature. Instructions here.
  82. Make a DIY composter. Instructions here.
  83. Do outdoor yoga.
  84. Help clean out the garage.
  85. Play balloon volleyball.
  86. Practice hammering nails into scrap wood (with supervision).
  87. Keep a list of the birds that visit your backyard.
  88. Hang up some lights, put on music and have an outdoor dance party.
  89. Fill a plastic container with toys for a frozen giant ice block. Instructions here.
  90. DIY giant pick up sticks. Instructions here.
  91. Make a your own giant Jenga game. Instructions here.
  92. Make a worm farm. Instructions here.
  93. Host an egg and spoon race.
  94. Have a tea party with stuffed animals and dolls.
  95. Decorate your bikes, especially for holidays like the 4th of July.
  96. Paint with water. Ideas here.
  97. Use an old bed sheet to play a parachute game.
  98. Make friendship bracelets.
  99. Have access to water? Go fishing.
  100. Lace up your shoes or roller blades and play street hockey.

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