10 things you didn’t know you could do at COSI

COSI Dinosaur Gallery

We absolutely love COSI, and, with the drive taking about an hour, this children’s museum is a fun an easy day trip from Cincinnati. As my kids get older, COSI continues to open new doors for us, offering different experiences each visit. For example, our recent trip included a brand-new family member, and she had a blast playing in the infant area of little KidSpace. Meanwhile, my now-second-grader was able to explore independently in the “big kid” area of that very same space.




COSI is full of surprises for kids young and old, and I guarantee that everyone in your family will learn something new when you visit. Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do at COSI:

1. Visit the Dinosaur Gallery

This exhibit is awesome, period. Highlights include a 6-foot-long mechanical T. rex model that walks in place; an 8-foot tall Titanosaur femur; a huge, threehorned Triceratops cast; and a 100-year-old piece of fossilized amber preserving an ancient feather. Your kids will absolutely love it.

2. Ride a high-wire unicycle 

COSI Highwire

Photo credit: Brand Columbus

I am terrified of heights, but wanted to conquer my fears for my kids. The COSI team member running the experience assured me that it was impossible to fall, and gave me a little physics lesson on balance and levers. This experience is free and open to kids with at least a 25 inch inseam (there is a place to measure your kids) and is something everybody needs to do at least once.

3. Play outside

COSI Playground

Photo credit: Yelp

The brand-new playground outside the entrance to COSI is everything you’d expect from a playground at COSI. It’s huge, colorful and very interactive — your kids will be immediately drawn to it. I recommend letting them run loose before loading up the car for the return drive!

4. Get energized!

Photo crediti: Brand Columbus

At COSI, kids will get a hands-on lesson in energy. The plasma ball (above) basically turns your kids into sorcerers making magic with electrodes and lightwaves. And the Electrostatic Generator is a classic COSI experience. It’s in the Atrium and is included with admission, and it’s pretty fun to watch your kids try! Friction, static electricity, positive and negative charges… your kids will get a hands-on (or is it hairs-on?) lesson on it all.

5. Be a race car driver

Right now, you can check out Hot Wheels Race to Win in the rotating exhibit gallery. Kids will get a hands-on STEM lesson in different activities at this exhibit. There are Hot Wheels tracks set up throughout the room for racing and a really fun “pit stop” activity that puts kids in control! If your kids are into cars, this exhibit is a must. Hot Wheels Race to Win is on display through Jan. 6, 2019 and is free with admission.

6. Let your baby explore

The little KidSpace features tons of different areas designed to spark your little kids’ curiosity. Construction-obsessed kids will love the kid-sized trucks and emergency machines; there’s a play house in the middle that’s perfect for climbing; the red barn will appeal to horse-loving littles; and the water play area is always a hit with kids, regardless of age. There’s an infant water table with chairs and it’s basically the best thing ever. (Bring an extra set of clothes for your younger kids!) If you have an older kid (second grade and up), they can be in this space, too – there’s a supervised art area that will easily entertain older kids while younger siblings play.

7. Experience a wind tunnel