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Here’s How to Manage Welcoming a Baby While Starting a New Business Guest Blog by Dylan Foster / [email protected] /HealthWiseWell.com

Choosing to start a business while welcoming a baby will serve as the ultimate juggling act. While challenges will be forthcoming, with some early preparation, and sound planning, you’ll be able to stay on top of all major responsibilities. In this article, we’ll explore the steps you’ll need to take to set up your business while catering to the needs of your newborn.


Create a Routine


Between running a business and managing a baby, there is bound to be uncertainty. But, constantly chasing tasks rather than facing them head-on will lead to stress and eventual burnout. To maintain some much-needed predictability and control over your time, create a routine. This can include:


  • Waking up at the same time each day


  • Having set times for taking breaks from work to eat meals, exercise, and complete household chores


  • Engaging in self-care activities daily, such as yoga, skincare routine, exercise, reading, etc.


Even if you’re not able to follow your routine to the T, it’ll serve as a guide, allowing you to complete all major responsibilities daily.


Design Multifunctional Spaces


If you’re running a home-based business, you’ll need to develop a habit of working with your baby beside you at all times. Newborns are unequipped to handle any tasks independently and completely depend on the parent for care and comfort. According to research, newborns sleep for 14-17 hours a day, hence, adding a bassinet to your home office will allow for constant supervision over your baby while you work.


Additionally, you can install separate cabinets dedicated to storing baby care supplies such as diapers, clothes, wipes, blankets, toys, and more. Having access to all these supplies in one place will allow you to easily cater to all needs of your baby.


As for your work needs, consider buying the following:


  • An adjustable desk, allowing you to work while standing up when needed
  • An ergonomic chair, helping you overcome issues of back and neck pain
  • Cable ties, holders, and sleeves to prevent any loose wiring to avoid the risk of injury or unforeseen circumstances


Enlist Professional Help


The hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to delegate. Here are a few professionals you should look to work with for taking some burden off your shoulders:


  • A Nanny: Hiring a nanny will help reduce your child caring burden and provide more time for focusing on your business. Additionally, at times when you’re traveling for work, you won’t need to scramble to find someone last minute.


  • A Formation Service: Registering your business as an LLC is important for protecting your personal assets and finances from business-related liabilities. But, as the process of registering a Limited Liability Company differs from state to state, it can get complex to handle independently. Working with a formation service will streamline the process in Ohio and have your business registered in no time.


Additionally, utilize apps that can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your business, such as:


  • Project Management Apps: These allow you to track the progress of all important projects with ease. Additionally, you can set reminders for deadlines, meetings, and expected payments.


  • PDF Editors: When multiple employees collaborate on a project, use tools that allow you to merge PDF​ into a single document. This reduces the risk of loss of information and makes it easier for you to review and make decisions.



Make a Budget


As reported by U.S. News, the cost of raising a child from infancy to adulthood is $267,233. In addition, you’ll need to cover the costs of running a business and monthly household expenses. The prospect of managing such high expenses can be daunting, but creating a budget will provide you with some much-needed clarity.


Instead of tackling the complete figure, break down expenses on a month-on-month basis. Next, list all your sources of income and ascertain whether you have a surplus or deficit. If you’re in a deficit, it’s imperative to reduce non-essential spending and consider external funding for your business which can include investors or bank loans.


Managing a business and a newborn is no small task, but using these strategies will provide you the confidence to tackle challenges head-on and be successful in both endeavors.


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