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My daughter loves to dance and is a very good dancer.

This didn’t happen by accident. Marissa inherited her dancing ability from my wife.

My wife Angela encouraged Marissa to dance from a very early age. I recall fondly how Angela would swing our daughter around the living room over and over to the song “Dancing Queen”. The two of them filled our living room with laughter and joy each time they danced together. Because of that Marissa loves all types of dancing and took classes in Irish Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, etc.

I love music and I like to dance on occasion but my dancing is awful. Every time I try to get my “groove on” something gets in the way…..my feet.

A couple of years ago, Marissa was a Bridesmaid in a wedding that my wife and I attended. During the reception my daughter coaxed me into dancing with her.

When we got out on the floor the music took over my body, the problem is it never made it to my hips or my feet. I tried my best and as I was moving to the beat I thought of that phrase: “Dance Like No One Is Watching”. That didn’t work because I can’t dance and lots of people were watching. I did my best to keep up with my daughter’s moves and rhythm. Unfortunately, I was always at least two steps behind. She was Busting a Move, I was just a Bust! Her Hips Didn’t Lie, My Hips Didn’t Even Know What to Say. She was the Dancing Queen and I was the Court Jester. I think you get the picture.


We danced to a medley that the DJ put together and we had a blast. We had so much fun and were laughing so hard that tears streamed down our faces. We laughed almost as hard as the audience that was watching me try to dance. Like myself, they were amazed that my daughter could dance so well and that I could dance so poorly. I left the dance floor feeling proud of my daughter’s talent and her dance moves. I also left the floor with a tremendous feeling of happiness because I had chosen to dance with her.


As your children grow up, you have to grab on to the moments when you can laugh together, dance together and make memories together. Too often parents are too busy, too embarrassed or too pre-occupied to recognize when one of these moments is right in front of us. Too often parents make excuses when we could be making memories.


Life only gives us so many smiles, so many magical moments and so many chances to dance with our kids, so the next time your son or daughter asks you to dance, stand up, give it your all and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

One thing parenthood has taught me is that it’s far better to dance like a fool, than to sit with regrets after the music’s over.






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